It's always asked when buying a branded t-shirt if you are getting a better quality t-shirt or if you are paying a lot more money for that brand image (along with the associated status of that particular company).

Channel 4's Super Shoppers recently looked into whether or not the public can tell the difference when faced with a £6 George at Asda t-shirt vs a £70 Ralph Lauren t-shirt - while the brand logo has been obscured.

Let see if you can tell the difference, see the image below.

£6 tshirt vs £70 ralph lauren tshirt

Even after the public were able to look closely and feel the t-shirts, it may or may not surprise you that six people thought the more expensive T-shirt was Asda, while 2 selected the correct t-shirt as Ralph Lauren.

£6 tshirt vs £70 tshirt results

The program went even further to test the 2 types of t-shirts, each went through 5 tests at Shirley Technologies - an accredited textiles testing lab;

  • Materials
  • Pilling (bobbling)
  • Shrinking
  • Colour Fastness
  • Seam-strength

The Winner, the Asda T-Shirt.

So it goes to show that just because you spend 12x as much on a t-shirt, you don't always get a better quality garment, but rather you are paying all that extra for the brand.

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