When it comes to funny t-shirt slogans for men, everyone seems to have their own opinion on what works and what doesn’t. Which really isn’t a huge surprise, given the fact that we’ve all got different personalities and sense of humour.

Here at Shirtified, there’s nothing we love more than seeing the weird, wonderful and downright wacky creations our customers come up with when given a little freedom! We’ve made it as easy as possible to create a personalised funny tee and boy…have you guys really gone for it or what! But at the same time, we’re always being asked for tips on how to really nail it with a top or tee that’s guaranteed to get the job done.

And to this question, we always offer the following advice:

1 – Stop Overthinking It

First up, you know how the longer and deeper you analyse a joke, the less funny it gets? Well, guess what – it’s the same here too! If you come up with a design or slogan you like, go for it! Trust us when we say the more you sit around thinking about it, the more likely you’ll scrap it…even if it was a winner!

2 – Keep it Short

The key to comedy is timing – always has been, always will be. Short and punchy jokes are always the best and it’s the same with t-shirt slogans too. Try to keep things to a handful of words at the most, but if you can hit the nail no the head with even just one word, jackpot!

3 – Keep it Simple

Another golden rule to follow is to keep it simple. After all, it’s what the slogan says that counts most of all, rather than how it’s said. If it really is funny enough, you’ll find it’s even more effective with a totally simple and understated design. And of course, it makes life easy for you…which is a bonus.

4 – Quotes n’ Stuff

Quotations and song lyric samples (and variations thereof) can also be great to work with when it comes to coming up with funny slogans for tee shirts. Just be careful using copyrighted images, logos and whatnot…they might well land you in bother!

5 – Ask Around

Last up, don’t forget that if you’re making your shirt online, which of course you are, then there’s nothing to stop you asking a few people for their opinions before hitting the order button. Once again, you don’t want it to be picked apart and analysed too much, but if the first time they see it they can’t help but chuckle, chances are you’re onto a winner!